Family Law

Our law firm has consistently assisted many people with their family issues. Family law disputes can become stressful and it is our aim to get the most positive result for our clients with the least of inconvenience and stress to our clients.

Over the years our Family Law Team have been involved in numerous family law cases that have made the news in breaking ground in the way the legal profession in Cyprus viewed various procedures. Our Family Lawyers undertake all types of family law disputes with the intention of providing our clientele finality in a very difficult time in their lives so that they can close a life chapter and start a new one with peace of mind.

Due to the efficiency professed by the local Municipalities of Cyprus in the solemnization of civil marriages, Cyprus has been preferred by a vast increasing foreign population as a destination for the celebration of their civil marriages and our team has been advising many foreign individuals on the procedures for civil marriages and on family estate and tax planning in cooperation with our Private Client and Tax Department.

Family courts in Cyprus can issue divorce orders for the dissolution of both civil and religious marriages irrespective of the place where marriage has take place, the religious doctrine and the nationality of the spouses over swift procedures. 

We represent clients in divorce cases before the family courts and in the local holy bishoprics, custody and visitation right cases, child maintenance applications, child adoption, parental recognition, matrimonial property separation disputes between couples, issuance of interim and/or ancillary relief for the prevention of marital asset dissipation, cohabitation and common law spouse’s claims, child abduction cases and stop-list applications in cooperation with many international law firms.


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