Andreas Coucounis & Co LLC welcomed two undergraduate law students, namely Mr. Nicos Demetriou and Miss Eva Markides, to the law firm’s Summer Internship Programme during July and August 2017.



During their internship, the two law students experienced the everyday life of a law firm in Cyprus. They were given the opportunity to attend court, to study a variety of cases in different areas of law, to draft documents, and to interact with clients.


This is what the summer interns had to say about their experience:


Nicos Demetriou:


“Commenting on the practical part, the aforementioned practices exposed me to the law in operation in contexts which cannot be learned from reading or hearing about. Specifically, they allowed me to perceive ways in which the formal learning that I have acquired at the University may be applied in practice, and therefore subsequently, to develop an appreciation of the practical dimensions of the legal profession. They allowed me to apply and improve my skills and competences regarding legal research and analysis, writing and oral communication, drafting, practice management and problem-solving, and in acting autonomously, responsibly and appropriately.  They allowed me to enhance my competences in working with others and understanding working relationships, in gaining more confidence in thinking critically, and generally, in broadening my horizons through exposure to new ideas, people and career paths.  They allowed me to enhance my knowledge of the ethical, business demands and responsibilities of the legal profession; enabling me consequently to observe and reflect upon those values and to start cultivating my own attitudes of professional responsibility. Last but not least, the aforementioned practices allowed me to consider lawyering skills and professional responsibility issues within court settings, and further, to enhance my understanding of how the theoretical principles that I have learned in the law school are applied to the real-world resolution of legal disputes. All in all, the above experience made me a better legal practitioner and helped me advance a step closer to my desired future; helping me acquire a better mind-set in regards both to the mentality of the profession and its functionality. I am very grateful for that.


I want to thank Mr. Tasos, Mr. Alexandros, Mrs. Dimitria, Charoulla, Chariklia and Koulla. Their mentoring, assistance and guidance in their distinct fields of operation in the office was very enlightening and fruitful in many respects. Last but not least I want to also thank my colleagues Constantina and Spyroula, who have been very patient with me during my time at your office and were always willing to help and direct me to overcome any challenges I happen to face as a beginner. Without them all, I wouldn’t have had this amazing time and experience. You have great personnel Mr. Tasos!”

Eva Markides:


“Having the opportunity to work as an intern for a month at Andreas Coucouni & Co LLC has been a wonderful experience, full of vital learning curves to help me start my career in this industry. There was never a boring day and every task that I was given allowed me to challenge myself in ways I could not have imagined, and prove to myself that I could rise up to that challenge. I was given a lot more responsibility during my internship than expected, ranging from completing tasks within the office, to running errands on behalf of the firm. This, I believe, is an ingenious tactic in keeping one’s mind stimulated while also allowing them to experience the ‘real world’ and learn the mechanics behind how the system works in our country.


My tasks within the office ranged from reading and handling case files and other relevant documents, in drafting lawsuits, statements of claim and defences, and in undertaking research. Furthermore I was given the responsibility to communicate with clients via e-mail and letters, and I even got involved with the administrative aspect i.e. filing and organizing important documents. Through all of this, I was given a taste of different areas of law including bank arrears, tort and corporate, thus allowing me – a young undecided intern – to become aware of what area I am most likely to pursue.The errands that I had to run on behalf of the firm included going to different banks, the post office, the Land Registry Offices, and the Sewerage and Drainage Board. In our line of work, it is vital to understand these processes in order to have a solid general understanding of the cases we deal with, and so I am grateful to have had this opportunity.


Every member of this firm has been so helpful and patient, and more than willing to welcome me into the office family. It therefore goes without saying that my internship at Andreas Coucounis & Co LLC has far exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much in such a small period of time, and after these past five weeks I am so excited and much more prepared to continue my journey in achieving a successful law career.”



Andreas Coucounis & Co LLC is a renowned law firm in Cyprus, and through its Summer Internship Programme, it strives to offer young law students the opportunity to understand how law works in practice, providing them with the experience needed to continue on their path towards a successful law career.



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